First-time riders at Dreamland Aqua Park: Review

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve been looking for outdoor alternatives to escape the heat, for a reason that the thermostat has already gone up a notch in Dubai and we ended up going to aqua park.  I’ll admit that it initially felt quite strange going to a water park as I’ve not set foot in one for over the years. Put simply, I kind of no idea how water parks worked but as soon as I changed into my swimming attire and went down a slide, I conclude – water parks are FUN, no matter how old you get.

For a more upbeat and cool experience in UAE, head out to Dreamland Aqua Park,  the largest family water park in the UAE, with over 250,000 square meters surrounding wonderfully landscaped with plenty of grass and trees which add into the soothing atmosphere.

Located on the scenic coastline of Umm Al Quwain,  this unique aqua-theme park houses around 30 water attractions enjoyed by all age groups. From Sharjah City Center, it’s a 45-minute drive to Umm Al Quwain. The Park is operated all year round with a daily capacity of ten thousand visitors.
Welcome to Dreamland Aqua Park UAE
Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary Dreamland Aqua Park passes as well as meal vouchers from the management to facilitate this review.

Less than a minute away, landmark on your left – abandoned aircraft in the desert in Umm Al Quwain
Click here to read a short article about the plane.
The staff of Dreamland Aqua Park, mostly Filipinos, are so accommodating, friendly and caring. They let us in before they started on duty because of their concern for my 20-month old baby.  It was a nice feeling at the onset!
The locker rooms are nice and clean, safe bet with numeric settings where we dumped all our belonging only to realize that the much required goggle element had been forgotten by my teen and his good friend. Fortunately the premises have a full fledged sports shop selling everything one would require at the Water Park. Blue Waves sports shop offers inflatable tubes and other gadgets for added safety and fun for all ages. Some items on sale include goggles, hats and caps, t-shirts, and sandals. Souvenirs and memorabilia are available too.
The Dreamland Mini Zoo is the first major attraction you encounter once you enter through the gates and pass a bunch of shower and changing rooms, alongside the locker room.
Mini Zoo
Mini Zoo
Moving on to my favourite spot of the Dreamland Water Park, the slides! There are a total of 30 water slides in the park, which vary in height, intensity and capacity. Some of them are more suited for younger kids, some are meant to be done in a group and some are just pure exhilaration.
Not being a fan of water based activities and heights, the rides and slides in front of me made my stomach cringe with fear but wore a brave face and proceeded towards the first ride – the very beginning gave me a rush of excitement knowing the new summer season is just around this water park!
I didn’t take as many pictures of the water park because most of the time I was soaking wet, and it was quite tricky documenting the rides since my Samsung phone was lying in my backpack most of the time..

UAE’s Dreamland has a number of unique features for every age group!

Ride No. 1 – The Black Hole

No one can defy the strong gravitational pull of this slide. Picked up the inflated raft like floaters which had seating for two and slip into the Black Hole and find yourself lost in total darkness. You’ll be surprised that you’re about to take a plunge! Don’t give up because there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.
Black Hole
Ride No. 2 –   Kamikaze : Live Life in the Fast Lane
Two to choose from, the Orange with a significant hump midway and the Blue, slightly steeper with no twists. Though it is safe and your body is well bound with the elements of the slide the feeling you get is as if you will be thrown out of the slide and probably not hit the pool at the bottom awaiting to catch your splat.
“Kamikaze” live life in the fast lane
Ride No. 3 – Twisting Dragons 
Twisting Dragons: Thrills at every twist and turn inside a long tunnel. You know from which side you entered the ride but have to make a wild guess which one you’ll end up with!
Edson braving the yellow twisting dragon
Ride No. 4 – Lake-o-waves 
No tsunami in Dreamland. This gigantic wave pool is the largest in the region. The most chilled out activity out of the lot. One can laze around on a floater and enjoy the summer sun all day long. The waves are turned on every other 15 minutes, so do not be fooled by the calmness of Wave Pool, it can be loads of fun with plenty pushing, shoving and falling off your floater.
Ride No. 5 –  Mighty Go Round : A wild wild raft river among 2 gigantic body slides, with a circular life boat that can hold 2 people max.
Mighty Go Roun
Ride No. 6-  Jacuzzi: Get yourself relaxed in the largest open jaccuzzi.
Before I get into the rides and slides, here are some practical tips to prepare yourself, if you’re planning a visit to Dreamland Water Park. Waterproof sunscreen lotion is a must. The water park is mostly uncovered and with minimal clothing on, you’ll want to avoid any sunburn
• Bring proper swimming attire. Wet suits aren’t allowed on the slides, to prevent you from getting snagged or injured.
• Don’t forget your goggles.
• Don’t wear a watch or jewelry – you won’t be allowed to go down the water slides while wearing one
• Food is pretty pricey – have a good meal before heading out  if you want to save money
• Carry a small waterproof backpack to accommodate any of your essential things like mobile phone, wallet or reading materials.
Jan – Mar : 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
April – May : Sun – Thur : 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Fri, Sat, Public Holidays : 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
June – July : Sat – Thur : 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Fri and Public holiday : 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Aug – Dec : 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Month of Ramadan : 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
* Park timings may change without prior notice  *
Admission Rates
General Admission : AED 160/person
Junior Admission: AED 100/person, under 48″/1.2m tall
Senior Admission: AED 100/person, ages 65+
Family: AED 450 with 2 adults + 2 children below 1.2m tall
Infant: Under 2 years of age, Free
Persons with disabilities: Free
Contact details
Phone : +971 6 768 1888
Check out this handy rules guide ahead of your trip:  Dreamland Aqua Park Rules
Final Thoughts: I quite enjoyed the Dreamland Aqua Park, and being a first-time rider to Mighty Go Round,  the splash & swirl was really fun, especially that I did it with my teen! Really fun that we went down both of them a couple times. What I was initially expecting – going down water slides turns out a lot more fun no matter how old you get.
The only negative I can think of is the long lines, especially for some of the larger slides which can be a pain. We missed having the Family Raft Drive, Rafting River, Slide Five, Aqua Play and Slam Dunk.  That being said, if you have kids and are visiting Dreamland, I recommend shelling out a little extra time to experience the Water Park. You will probably only need about 4-5 hours to explore everything.
Constantly being in the water feels great as well since the UAE climate is at summer peak nowadays, cooling off by going down a water slide or just lazily drifting on Jacuzzi or Dream Stream is a  good feeling. Overall, Dreamland is the perfect place for a spectacular weekend getaway for families and friends, and at the same time a great venue for corporate and private events.
Hope you enjoyed my review of the Dreamland Aqua Park!  If you’re planning a trip to Dreamland and have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email at

hashtag..let the summer fun begins!