Levantine cuisine at Al Maeda restaurant

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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai Jumeirah Beach announced the opening of Al Maeda, its signature Arabic restaurant offering a selection of authentic dishes from Levant and North African regions.

Al Maeda meaning “The Dining Table”, presents a new pairing concept of Arabic cuisine, in a cozy atmosphere. The menu gathered a variety of dishes from places across the Arab world, from the starters with a wide selection of mezze to the main courses and desserts. The menu consists of the most traditional and all-time favorite’s recipes such as Lentil Soup, Harira Soup, Zaatar Salad, Fattoush, Kibbeh, Makanek, a variety of Tangines, Mixed Grills with a selection of koftas, Muhalabia, Kunafa, Moroccan tea in addition to some signature dishes and a taste of fresh local fish.
The must is to enjoy your delectable meal, drink or a shisha of your choice on the first floor terrace with sea views!

DoubleTree by Hilton has a service culture built around the idea of CARE, which stands for ‘Create A Rewarding Experience’ where the ‘little things mean everything’. Freshly brewed Moroccan tea randomly served as the guest came in. I did not get hold of the cup of tea as I was busy prioritizing guests from the media industry.

Good bet for lunch in JLT – Aappa Kadai

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My appetite perks up the minute I pass by this food outlet. There’s the homey smell of roasting chickens and spices and some goodness floating the air of the Appa Kaddai. I had the pleasure to experience dining over a lunch at the award-winning Indian restaurant located in JLT. Because I did not bring my homefood that day, I was excited to dine in again.

At first, I struggle to choose from such a mammoth Indian menu, but I settle on a healthy choice with soft parathas and velvety Chinese corn soup. It was a pop!

Another round gone today, I came along with a friend and this time, we ordered Chinese Chicken Combo and two pieces of Malabar paratha which are both absolutely divine and not very spicy.  THe quality of the chicken was really good and well cooked.

While waiting for the order to serve, one thing that struck me was the walled quote that shows:

Aappa Kadai?

Inspired by India’s affection of spices and culinary masterpieces – Simran’s Aappa kadai’s special offering to food lovers is the popular bowl shaped pancakes made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk, called Aappam. The origin of Aappam dates back to 1st Century AD when ancient people living in the coastal belts of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lanka used to relish this delicacy.

The Aappam, is perhaps the only dish that is cooked in a number of ways and styles by different countries. Aappam is not only popular in South India but also had its influence on Burmese and Sri Lankan cuisines. It is a staple diet and a cultural synonym of the Syrian Christians of Kerala (India) who cook the Aappam in a very distinctive style.

Taste of International Cuisine at Panorama Restaurant

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Panorama Restaurant – Emirates Grand Hotel
Sheikh Zayed Road Trade Centre 2 Dubai
Contact: +971 4 323 0000 (24 hours)
Price: AED 80 per person

Panorama restaurant in Emirates Grand Hotel, proves to be a culinary revelation.

Located at the 43rd floor, Panorama is nothing short of breath-taking.
Strategically located along Sheik Zayed Road – one of the Middle East’s busiest freeways, with seven lanes of traffic in each direction, Panorama restaurant has a lovely panoramic Arabian Sea and city views that offers exquisite Arabian and international cuisine.

This signature dining outlet of the hotel creates rich gastronomic blend of traditional and international cuisine with a twist of modern interpretations.The interiors are amazingly done with touches of mint green and yellowish.  I may say there’s a wow factor comes with the setting and ambiance of the outlet.

From the refreshing interior designs, stretching out to grasp city views, Panorama restaurant is certainly a place fitting to enjoy culinary journey right off the heart of Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai.

I sure enjoyed my Fettuccini Arabiata served. I was there to kickoff the property’s social media program and time allowed me to take photos of interesting subjects and post later on. I had a  nice aldente bite of the served dish  that delighted the taste buds! Fettuccini Arabiata was a sure pop!

My final compliment sounds brief and mild, but is the one that means the most: I can see myself, at a leisurely pace, not like a stalker, returning until I’ve tried everything they’ve got.