Suit your palates best at Margherita !

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The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residences where you can find a more relaxed places to dine in, alongside stylish boutiques or plainly leisurely walk along the waterfront, surely there’ plenty of opportunity to satisfy your retails cravings.

Talking about retail cravings, Margherita offers “the best out of bests”  pizza-maker in Dubai, mastered original Neapolitan recipes handed down through generations . Margherita still offers today those same recipes that preserve the authentic flavors of the South of Italy.

Margherita in Gemmayze, Beirut is the first branch to open its doors in July 2008.The concept of its pizzeria was to become that of the neighborhood, a place where neighbors, families and friends to gather around a traditional and authentic Neapolitan wooden-oven-baked pizza. Throughout the years, Margherita blended into the different atmospheres that the trendy street of Gemmayze lives: a business and family meeting point during the day and at night, a gathering for friends, couples and more.

Margherita Gemmayze’s cozy and familiar atmosphere has lead to the great success of this concept and has become a thriving chain in Lebanon and the Gulf.

In Gulf, the Margherita as an Italian brand, continues its operations, serving authentic recipes for a truly Neapolitan experience. In the UAE, Margherita has two branches in Sheikh Zayed road and JBR. “Margherita pizzeria del quartiere dal 1959” delivers the authentic taste of Naples with simplicity and elegance.

I had the pleasure seeing making the pizzas in real time—kneading the dough, adding the toppings and all by international celebrity Pizzaiolos at Margherita JBR. Franco Pepe,  known for his special classic style, and Simone Padoan for his special gastronomic style created special menus for customers during a Special Pizza Night organized by Margherita.

Your main stay at Margherita in JBR

There′s nothing like the Italian pizza big thumb up from Franco Pepe, a celebrity Pizzaiolo, known for his Special Classic style! Check out his best moments in these witty pics!

Franco Pepe, a celebrity Pizzaiolo, known for his Special Classic style!

Chef Simone Padoan, on the other hand, known for his special gastronomic style created gourmet offerings that included Terra & Mare, with red prawns, fennel, orange, burrata and pestachio cream; Tonno Alla Cedroni, with fresh tuna, aromatic herbs, Grana Padano and mozzarella; and L’orto, with smoked scamorza, blonde onions, pumpkin, puntarella asparagus and mozzarella.
Behind-the-scenes pizza-making during a Special Pizza Night at Margherita in The Walk at JBR
I had two of its kind pizzas created by two celebrity chefs, perfect ending two the night !
ci vediamo ! 😉

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